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     It's amazing how much time can fly. Whether it's from behind a keyboard or just working too much... time doesn't stand still for anyone. I found myself behind this computer way too much. I was missing out on all the fun stuff. I needed to take a break and get away from the keyboard.
     During this time, we have traveled so much! We went out and saw so many things. Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and helping people save money but I am a one person blog. I don't have people that come in and write articles for me. To me, that takes away from MY blog.
     I will slowly start to come back and post here and there. I will not only be posting coupon deals but also recipes, crafts and review locations.
So since I last posting, in February, here is what we have been up to!
NASCAR, Racing, Talladega, Dale Jr, 88, Track, Camping, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel

We absolutely love the Memphis Zoo!

Memphis Zoo, Animals, Giraffe, Wild, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
Here at the Memphis Zoo, you can get up close and personal with the giraffes! We get to feed them by hand and admire their beauty.
Amusement, Park, Wild Adventures, Rollercoasters, Rides, Georgia, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
Has anyone been to Wild Adventures? OMG! We loved it and can't wait to go back next year. We went in May and with this being our first time there... we were blown away. There were no lines and if the kids wanted to ride again, they were able to just stay on the ride. They didn't make them get out and walk all the way around again. The staff was kind and courteous and they made sure all their guests were having fun!
Friends, Farm, 4wheeler, Driving, Hang on, Fun, Summer, Travel, Beauty
We went to our friends farm and had a blast! They rode 4-wheelers, fed the horses and donkeys, grilled, roasted marshmallows, shot a bow and arrow and BB gun for the first time.
Friends, Farm, Horse, Fun, Summer, Travel, Beauty
Isn't he a beauty?
St George Island, Florida, Shells, Beach, Waves, Ocean, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
We made a trip to St George Island in Florida. We haven't been here in about 6 years. The waves were so rough (red flag) so we made sure to stay out with the kids and not go past our knees while holding their hands. After getting that workout (man those waves almost knocked me down) we went shell searching and found SO MANY shells! We filled up a bucket with shells and another with sand to take home.
Jumping, Muddy, Puddles, Rain, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
Who doesn't like jumping in muddy puddles? My little girl does and I said... GO FOR IT! We had a huge down pour and when she saw that puddle... it was over!
Discovery Park of America, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
Have you ever been to Discovery Park of America? WOW!!! This place was a location full of knowledge. I highly recommend making a trip here.
Tennessee Safari, Safari, Ostrich, Summer, Fun, Vacation, Travel
Haha, we even made a stop at Tennessee Safari. This place had over 3 miles of road to travel and so many animals to feed. They had Ostriches, Emus, Pigs, Deer, Sheep, Goats, Buffalos, Camels, and Alpacas just to name a few.
So as you can see, we went out and had a blast. School should be starting in a few weeks and I'll be able to dive back in and share things with y'all ;)
What have you been up to? Have you went anywhere amazing? Discovered anything new? I'd love to hear all about it. Leave me a comment!!!


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My Newest Hobby

My mother taught me how to crochet when I was little. I didn't do much with it then, but now I am making all these really super cute things for my daughter and she loves them.
Right now what I started to make was the Bobble Stitch Leggings. I found the pattern HERE and just absolutely love how they turned out. My daughter loves wearing them. She said they keep her legs warm in school! Yes, I know that's the object but coming from a 6 year old... she was wearing them because purple is her favorite color and they looked cute with her boots on.
Now it's off to make my next project!
Do you crochet?
What are some of your favorite items you've made?
Tell us in the comment section.


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Disney Side @Home Celebration

I am so excited to tell you that I have been selected to be a host of a Disney Side @Home Celebration! This will be my second one! Some of you might remember the first on I did HERE.
I am not sure what type of party I will be hosting... it's a secret until the shipment arrives! What kind of Disney party would you throw? Tell me in the comment section!

Amazon Deals As Low as $1

How many of you love Amazon? What about saving money? What if I told you, you could get some of Amazon's top products from 50% to JUST $1? Sign up using this link and get emails to specials deals on Amazon. They come around both 12pm and 2pm. They will send you information in an email with a code to use. You don't have to get the items you are not interested in. I have tried several $1 deals with Amazon already and have been extremely pleased with them.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates #Review

Who doesn't love chocolate? I am here today to tell you about Mrs. Cavanaugh's home-fashioned chocolates.
Time was when Marie Cavanaugh spent hours in her South Dakota farmhouse each Christmas season making pecan rolls and homemade chocolates for holiday gifting.
“It started when my aunt sent her pecan-rolls recipe,” Mrs. Cavanaugh recalled. “I gave the recipe my own touch and started making the yummy specialties. Then I began dipping chocolates. Our friends and neighbors loved these treats, encouraging me to start a candy business. Finally, I decided it might be a good idea.'”
Her husband George and children Carla, Lorraine, Calvin, Colene and Genise rallied, helping Mrs. Cavanaugh fill demands for her homemade sweets.
…In 1972, the family moved to Utah, leaving good friends and their beloved cattle ranch.
“It was a difficult decision, especially for George,” Mrs. Cavanaugh said. “He was excited about making our new venture, which we chose to call Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies, a great success. We felt Utah was blessed with good chocolates and that we would enjoy – and could compete with – those who pride themselves on making excellent chocolates.”
Millions of pounds of chocolates later, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s candies have earned a reputation for unquestionable excellence….

Ask chocolate aficionados. They will direct those seeking the best chocolates to the popular Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies.
I was given the opportunity to try them out and they didn’t last very long at all! I received a 9 oz. box of assorted Most Famous Milk Chocolates and also 4 Candy Bars; Caramel, White Chocolate Almond Coconut, Mindy Mint, and Dark Chocolate Almond. Before I let the family devour them, I cut them in half to see the texture inside and give you a feeling of what to expect when you order your box.

Now I just know your mouth is watering for these chocolates! From chocolate covered almonds to raspberry cream and more. I promise you there wasn't one flavor left behind!! One of my favorites was the chocolate covered cherries!!
My son loved the raspberry cream ones. He said they just melted in his mouth and the cream was soooo creamy. He said it just melted away!
My daughter loved the haystack!

I would definitely order some of Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates again! They even have sugarless chocolates!! That is perfect for my husband who needs to watch his sugar.
Having a hard time choosing which chocolates to order? No worries, you can create your own assorted box!
Disclosure: I received the items shown above for review purposes.


Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough #Review

Dimetapp® offers trusted and effective cough, cold & allergy products for children, helping kids feel better, fast. Best of all, Dimetapp® products come in a great grape taste kids love, and have been trusted by moms like you for nearly 30 years.
Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough tackles your child’s most bothersome cold symptoms, including cough, nasal congestion and runny nose. And, it comes in a great, grape flavor that kids love.
Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough provides relief from these symptoms:
- Cough
- Stuffy Nose
- Runny Nose
- Sneezing
- Itchy, Watery Eyes
I loved that Dimetapp offers an effective cough, cold & allergy product for my children. They helped my children feel better quickly. My kids love grape flavor so this was a major plus. I loved that it didn't make my kids drowsy yet took away their symptoms.
Click here to receive a $1.00 off coupon
Click here for complete drug facts, uses, warnings, dosing chart and active ingredients
I received this product for review purposes. No other form of compensation was received. 

Ebook - Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin Review

My children absolutely love books! Especially Terry Treetop. I was really excited to review the next ebook and so was my daughter!

Here’s the synopsis:
This is the fourth book in the Terry Treetop best sellers series. In this book Terry Treetop went camping with his parents to a marine nature reserve. He saw a cheerful group of dolphins and wanted to play with the little dolphin, but something went wrong and the little dolphin was in danger.
Will Terry be able to save the little dolphin?

This beginner reader’s eBook will teach your child about marine mammals and their habitats, and will inspire your kids to be aware of the environment and the responsibility of humans towards animals in their care.

Terry Treetop has many adventures and this time, he's on vacation! He is camping with his parents to a marine nature reserve when he finds a really high tree to climb to discover the lay of the land. He looks into some binoculars and sees a group of dolphins jumping in and out of the water. Terry quickly makes friends with one of the dolphins and as the dolphin is coming closer to him something bad happens but Terry is quick to find help.

This book is suggested for the 2-8 age group, but my almost 10 year old love them! All of the Terry Treetop stories are amazing. If you are interested in getting this ebook, head on over to Amazon to get your copy of Terry Treetop Saves The Dolphin!


Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cube #Review #packingorganizers

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Dot&Dot Slim Packing Cube and it couldn't have come at a better time! We were headed to Dollywood and I needed to pack!
What I noticed right away when I opened the package was that it was shipped in a plastic protective sleeve. This is great because when not in use I can store my Dot&Dot slim packing cube nice and neatly.
The next thing that I noticed right away was how extremely light this cube was. That is a huge plus for me because luggage and the contents itself are bulky.
I love the shade of red the cube displays and the convenient holding handling on the top makes carrying it around a piece of cake. You can organize your laptop cables, socks, undies, toiletries, shirts, accessories, makeup, your children's toys... the list goes on and on!
The light mesh top makes it easy for you to find what you need.  
After I packed my necessities, there still was a ton of space left. If you are looking for something stylish, lightweight and roomy.... this is PERFECT!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Santa Will Write @usfg

Start a new Holiday Tradition that will quickly be your child's favorite! Santa is ready to send a beautiful package fully personalized just for your special loved ones. Simply select the package you would like and watch your child's absolute JOY when he or she receives a letter straight from the North Pole that talks all about them personally - what they want for Christmas and what they have done to be good. Watch your child's eyes light up when they see their names on the Nice List!
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#Review for @Dollywood #SmokyMountainChristmas

I am so excited to tell you about our trip to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas!!

You can create Christmas memories that will last a lifetime! Dollywood is a 150 acre family adventure park in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. Its mountain themed attractions, world class rides and award winning festivals and shows make Dollywood one of the top themed entertainment destinations in the US. Dollywood was so beautifully decorated with lights and decorations.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer comes to life with an exclusive visit to Dollywood this holiday season. You can meet Rudolph and his friends, including Clarice, Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster and Yukon Cornelius in Rudolph's Holly Jolly Junction, a magical area where festive fun awaits.

 After meeting Rudolph and his friends, families can head to Clarice's kitchen to decorate custom Christmas cookies or even take part in a few reindeer games! How cool is that!!

Feeling hungry? There are so many places to chose from. We chose the Backstage Restaurant and were seated right away!! Their buffet had so much to choose from but our family favorite was the make your own mac and cheese!

We even had a visit from Santa himself!! This was a truly magical moment for the little ones as they couldn't believe that Santa was standing right in front of them! They told him what they wanted for Christmas and he reminded them to help out around the house, play nicely with each other and listen to their parents! Thanks Santa!!

After we ate, we couldn't wait to go see the groundbreaking production of Dollywood's A Christmas Carol, which uses holographic technology to bring Dolly Parton to the stage as the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Following the show, we were given a special area that served us hot chocolate, cakes and cookies while we watched the parade!

And what's a parade without Santa!!!!!
After the parade, my daughter was so excited to meet Miss Lillian! She told Emily a quick little story and gave her a penny to make a wish!

Emily asked her if she could take a picture with her and Miss Lillian say yes, but only of Chicken Little could be in it, too!

There is so much to see and do down in Dollywood!

Do your children love to squash pennies? I know mine do!
If you are looking for somewhere fun to go this holiday season, we highly recommend Dollywood - Smoky Mountain Christmas!!! You're whole family will have a blast!

This just melts my heart!

Our trip to Dollywood's Smoky Mountain Christmas was provided by US Family Guide, all the opinions expressed are my own. 
Have a destination, location, or product you would like to be reviewed? Contact me, I would love to hear from you!


@Ripleys #Aquarium of the Smokies #Review

During our stay in Gatlinburg, Tennessee we were given tickets to all 8 of Ripley's attractions. We started with the one right across the street from where we were staying, Greystone Lodge at the Aquarium!
Right when we walked in, we were blown away! There was a HUGE round fish tank that attracted my children right away. They loved that they could walk around the fish tank to see everything!
What I immediately noticed was complete organization. As people were coming in, they flowed down the hall. No one was bouncing back and forth to see everything, they just followed the leader and took their time to see all the exhibits. Instead of an open floor plan where you walk around all over here and then back over there and then back to where you started because you forgot to see something, you followed the exhibits one by one because they automatically took you to the next one without missing anything!!! Best part is... we stayed together as a family (that's a plus!!!).
My daughter (who's 6) couldn't wait to show us the funny face this little guy was making!
My 9 year old son was mesmerized with the jellyfish! He was talking about SpongeBob and all the jellyfish under the sea while my daughter was telling him about the jellyfish that Dory and Marlin had to swim through to get to Nemo! They both knew that the tops of the jellyfish were safe to touch while the side and underneath were not safe. They would get stung.
There was also a tank there that allowed you to touch the tops of the jellyfish. One of the workers that worked the jellyfish table was very informative and shared her knowledge with the kids. Seeing their expression while touching a jellyfish was awesome!!
The seahorses had rather large crowd around their tank. It was interesting to see them hold on to plants and rocks while they took a nap while the others were swimming around.
Now these sea dragons were beautiful! They were up close for everyone to see!
Now my husbands favorite part was walking through the tunnel with the sharks! You had the choice to walk or stand on a slowly moving belt that took you through the exhibit. If you wanted to step off, you could. Then, when you wanted to get back on... yep you guessed it. You just step back on. There was SO much to see and my kids loved that the sharks (and fish) would swim directly over you!!!
How cool is this!!! You can see all 3 of my children absolutely amazed at how close this shark is!
I believe that this stingray is larger then both my children put together!
In the middle of all that fun, there was a play zone for the kids. They got to touch some fish and play with some of the displays! They kids had so much fun!
These were my favorite! I could just sit here for hours watching them swim and interact with each other.
Just amazing!!
Have your kids ever wondered what penguins look like up close and personal! I couldn't get my kids out of this exhibit! They were able to look them in the eyes and my daughter blew them a kiss!!
If you come to visit Gatlinburg, Tennessee then Ripley's Aquarium is a MUST SEE with your family!
Disclosure: I was given tickets for my family for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and solely mine.